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Call for 2018-19 Scholarships!

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WCTD Academic Scholarships

It’s time to submit your application for the WCTD 2018/19 Scholarship program.
If you’re a member of the association in good standing, don’t delay to apply on behalf of your eligible family member!



The applicant is the immediate family member (Son, Daughter or Spouse) or legal ward of a person who is a full-time permanent employee, for at least one year, of a company that is a current voting member of the WCTD; and has been a member in good standing for the previous five (5) years.
The applicant must have been accepted to attend an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution and have registered for classes for the upcoming semester.


The deadline for applications is July 31st, 2018.
All applications submitted must include the applicant’s Social Insurance Number.
The applicant must submit a résumé, not to exceed three typewritten pages, outlining their education to date, any involvement in extra curricular activities, any academic honours or any community or volunteer work that they may have done. The applicant must also submit reference letters that confirm their involvement or achievements. Reference letters cannot be from family members and must speak to the achievements of the applicant.
The applicant must submit a letter from a WCTD member confirming the current employment of an immediate family member.
The applicant must have a complete transcript of all courses and grades sent to the Scholarship Committee no later than August 15. Transcripts must be submitted directly by the educational institution.
The applicant must submit a confirmation of registration along with a tentative course schedule from an accredited post-secondary institution.

Awarding of Scholarship

Western Canada Tire Dealers is awarding four scholarships up to a value of $2,000 each. The scholarship will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution at which the successful applicant is enrolled.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is August 15, 2018. Applications must be at the Scholarship Committee’s office on or before this date. No applications will be accepted after that date. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.

Freedom of Information and Privacy

The information collected in this application is to be used for the sole purpose of assessment and evaluation of the WCTD scholarship and will not be used for any other purposes.
Mail or email applications to:
WCTD Academic Scholarship Committee

65 Woodbine Rd., Sherwood Park, AB, T8A 4A7

email: rayg@wctd.ca

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