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Improper Rim Inspection

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Safety sign warningOn two occasions, the shop was airing up a tire and it blew off the rim at around 90 psi.

The tires had been placed inside a certified cage and a locking air chuck attached to an extension hose with an inline pressure gauge was used.

All technicians had received appropriate TIA training.

Good news – no one was injured.



A certified cage was used, thus preventing any physical injuries.
The rims were not adequately inspected before being reused.
The rims had been exposed to excessive heat causing damage to the rim and making them unfit to be used.


Learning opportunities

The use of the cage prevented potential bodily injury and property damage. This is why a cage is always used.
All rims need to be checked for damage, such as excessive heat, chips, warping, bent, etc. before being reused.
Alcoa rims have safety features:
Prior to 2009, they have a sticker that if exposed to heat will be charred.
After Jan 2009, they have a 1” clear round heat indicator located next to the roll stamp on the inside as well as a 1” clear round heat indicator on the tire side drop well.
For more information on Alcoa rims, please refer to their 
Wheel Service Manual.



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